Risk Management

DCT Australia operate to the core components of ISO9001:2015. We ensure the construction process is planned and controlled for all projects undertaken by the company through the use of technical procedures for critical tasks, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Technical Procedures, Work Instructions and Verification Checklists are all tools or controls that assist us to maintain Quality of the work activity.

We have a systematic management of projects, from tender to completion, utilising HSE Management Australia (HSEMA). HSEMA is our systems compliance manager.

HSEMA (is a Northern Territory born and bred business compliance consultancy, specialising in quality, work health and safety, environmental, local content and indigenous development management. With five specialist consultants, with uniquely different business and trade profiles, HSEMA present management support to business at project and boardroom level.

DCT Australia utilise the skillset of HSEMA to support the planning, implementation, delivery and review of projects for the benefit of the company and the Client.


Details of Risk


Current Management


Capacity; lack of equipment, personnel or materials

Job completion delayed

Contractor schedules disrupted

Quality of job affected

Adequate amount of equipment

Plant and equipment preventative maintenance program

Personnel HR program

Preferred contractor and supplier assessment program with back-up providers

Secondary list of available contractors within the local region

Corrective & preventative action program

Financial Management: control of cash-flow, accounts payable, receivable & payroll

Failure to pay invoices and/or workers

Failure to have resource to purchase materials

Failure to manage progress payments

Skilled financial controller

Financial management software program

Strong financial position, supported by overdraft as a financial ‘buffer’

Payment within financial trading terms

Accountancy service

Debt management service

Environmental Incident 

Damage to local environment

Non-compliance to environmental laws

Community affected by works; such as traffic delays

Project planning to consider wet season implications (rainfall risk)

Project specific environmental controls developed

Approved Traffic Management Plan implemented

Complaints addressed in timely manner

Immediate corrective action response

HSEMA to implement additional mitigation strategies

Additional external resources applied

Workplace injury; person/ persons seriously injured at work

Downtime; investigation, worker grief, media, etc

Reduced capacity to complete job on time 

Safety management plan for the project

Enforcement of all safety requirements

Adequate emergency response plans in place

First aid and local medical assistance

Secure site until regulator approves resumption of works

Corrective and preventative actions

Critical incident resources provided to those affected; e.g. trauma counselling